[crypto] [Fwd: CWG moved to Dec 7, 2012]

R. Hirschfeld ray at unipay.nl
Fri Oct 5 17:25:44 CEST 2012

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Subject: CWG moved to Dec 7, 2012
From:    "Tanja Lange" <tanja at hyperelliptic.org>
Date:    Fri, October 5, 2012 15:01
To:      "Tanja Lange" <tanja at hyperelliptic.org>

Dear all,
This is to confirm that the next Ei/PSI Cryptography Working Group
will take place on
     December 7
instead of (as earlier announced) on November 30. We'll send information
about the program closer to the meeting.

If this leaves you with nothing else to do on November 30 you might
want to check out the DIAMANT Symposium

Hope to see all of you on December 7 in Utrecht

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