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Subject: [risc-list] RISC+PROMETHEUS at CWI (Fri May 3): Lattice based 
Date: 2019-04-19 10:54
 From: Leo Ducas <leo.ducas at cwi.nl>
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Dear Colleagues,

we cordially invite you to a RISC seminar in parternship with the H2020

      * 13:30 -- 17:00,  Friday, May 3rd, 2019, in room L016 *

The seminar features four talks on the topics of

   * lattice-based cryptography, lattice algorithms and cryptanalysis *

The program is as follows.

13:45 -- 14:25	Thomas Prest (PQShield):
All Along the Ring Tower: Algebraic Structures for Fun and Profit

14:30 -- 15:10	Serge Fehr (CWI, Amsterdam):
Security of the Fiat-Shamir Transformation in the Quantum Random Oracle

15:30 -- 16:10	Thijs Laarhoven (TU Eindhoven):
Lattice algorithms for the closest vector problem with preprocessing

16:15 -- 16:55	Alice Pellet--Mary (ENS Lyon):
Approx-SVP in Ideal Lattices with Pre-processing and (maybe) some 

See the RISC web page https://projects.cwi.nl/crypto/risc.php for the

See you then and there!

Best regards,
Léo Ducas and Ronald Cramer
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